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JAGUAR Catching Some Rays

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  • JAGUAR Catching Some Rays

    Just completed this cutting of a jaguar resting in the sunshine. This piece was cut from a slab of black walnut that was 1" thick. The pattern is by Sue Mey. It is 24" x 12" in size.
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    Dick Miraglia

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    Amazing... Your work is as always - spectacular!
    Douglas Fraser
    Eagle River, Alaska

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      That is really amazing.
      Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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        That's some really nice work! Love it!
        Keith Fenton
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          The project is simply - beautiful. Did you put some orange paint up around the eyes & then around the body on the crease between the wood and the animal? Or, is that just light accent?

          You have quite the eye.

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            looks fantasttic,
            very well done dick
            not doing much
            and busy doing it

            having fun making sawdust.



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              Very Nice

              Another fantastic job - as you are known for.


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                Beautiful workmanship


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                  Fabulous! I love it. Thanks for sharing you talent with us.

                  A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

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                    Wonderful cutting and carving! and beautiful choice of wood. Great job once again Dick!




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                      To my colleagues and friends: All your fine comments are sincerely appreciated. John, the red/orange color you see reflected in the eye and below the animal's body are a reflection of the background drape. The other reflections are enhanced with the carving while the variations/mottling of the fur in the animals coat is created by the gold coloring technique employed. I used many layers of very finely powdered metallic gold dust (similar to gold leaf) in a very dilute suspension in varnish. This allows me to control the degree of coloration of different areas of the jaguar. Sanding between coats up to 1500-grit results in a hand-rubbed appearance of this special piece of walnut. Thanks again!
                      Dick Miraglia


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                        Bee U Tee sir are a master at what you do.
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                          Dick, excellent example of your style. Simple but yet beautiful. Great presentation of both the cutting and the wood selection. Thanks again for sharing this one and the others with us. One of these days I will try your style and see how it turns out.


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                            I can almost hear him breathing...!!
                            You are definitely a Master...!!!!

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                              I love the dimensionality of your work. The grain of the background sets off the fretwork and carving beautifully. And the photography really does it justice.

                              I think I'm running out of adjectives!

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