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Horse silhouette wall plaque

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  • Horse silhouette wall plaque

    Here's a horse silhouette wall plaque I made for my niece's birthday. It's made from baltic bitrch with oak frame. Thanks for looking.
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    Very nice cutting and frame!
    Dan in So.Ca.


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      Very nice work,
      your niece must have been delighted.
      not doing much
      and busy doing it

      having fun making sawdust.


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        Very nice cutting and framing. I like the shape contrast between the circle and the hexagon. Where did you get the pattern?

        A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

        delta 650, hawk G426


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          Thank you for the compliments. She and everyone else there loved it. I got the pattern from the book "Wildlife Collector Plates for the Scroll Saw: Over 60 Patterns from The Berry Basket Collection" by Rick and Karen Longabaugh . The are lots of good patterns and frame selections as well as a stand for them in there.
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            Your plaque is unique. I like the whole idea of it. Layered & framed with a different shape too. Thanks


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              Turned out quite nice. I might have turned the frame 1 turn counter clockwise so the grain was horizontal keeping the motif of the cloud effect. Just a thought. Overl all it is a nice job and clean cuts!
              "Still Montana Mike"

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                Very nice!!
                May the wind at you back .....
                Not be from Lunch.

                Don't take life too seriously; No one gets out alive.

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                  Very nice project! God Bless! Spirithorse


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                    Thank you all for the compliments.
                    wood-n-things - I noticed grain direction after I pulled the glue up clamps and had a "DOH !" moment.
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