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  • cross

    Last edited by Scrollriffic; 05-02-2012, 12:49 PM.

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    Beautiful choice of wood Bobby


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      Well the cross is nice looking sorry you were offended. You need to realize that quite possibly 135 of those lookers were spyders and bots crawling the site.
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        Beautiful! I really like the cross!



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          You did a good job. Don't be offended. A lot of people looked at your work but just didn't comment. Sometimes it's a time thing. I don't comment on everything I look at or tips that I read. It's nothing personal. But I see how you feel. You just wanted some recognition for your hard work.


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            I like the turquoise added to the wood. It gives a real nice effect. (And, it gave me an idea to deal with a little bag of turquoise pieces I have). Thanks for showing.

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              Scrollriffic you seem to be upset. Think about it you posted it on a wednesday at 3:30 in the after noon. Its the middle of the week most people looking at this forum at this time are at work with thier bosses roaming around if they post it shows up in IT and the boss could find out. Then what are the odds they are going to go back to make a comment when they get home on hump day.....

              By the way NICE CROSS.


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                Guess he was having a bad hair day. Bobby, if you decide to check this again, and I'm sure you will, if this is the only bad thing to happen to you since your original post, consider yourself lucky. Don't sweat the small stuff. Life is more important than your posts.

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                  Looks great!
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