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    Here's my newest completed project. I can't remember where I got the pattern from to give credit to him/her for it. Was thinking of putting it up for sale (not the pattern, just the completed sign) but can't decide on a price. Any ideas? Thanks for looking.

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    That is sick Everett. Nice and Clean. Price, well, how long did it take you, and what are you thinking it is worth ?


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      nicely done EVERETT,
      pricing is a hard decision too make,take into account,materiel cost, time,etc,
      i find it hard for non scrollers too understand costs when people dont realiise the effort that goes into some items,
      not doing much
      and busy doing it

      having fun making sawdust.


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        Well done! What are the dimensions and how much time do you have invested in it?


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          Thank you for your comments. It is 15" wide by 6" high. I have about 9-10 hours put into it. Still slow since I've only been scrolling for about 3 weeks. I was thinking maybe $60 or $70, but it could be that I think it is worth more than it actually is.
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            That's a nice piece. The first rule of thumb on pricing: The more you pay . . . . the more it's worth. I think your thinking is in the right direction.

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              Top marks for your Welcome Sign. If you were living here in South Australia I would offer you a buying price of buying price of round the $75. - $85. range, which I consider that type of Scroll Sawn Sign to be worth, as I am also a Wooden Signs Designer, and Maker, although I mainly use a couple of Routers, I occasionally do Scroll Sawn Signs too,- What annoys me the most are some people who upon seeing my work, comment, " You get that made in China don't you, and just put your label on the back " Although one day I received, what I consider to be," Poetic Justice. " One regular local couple walked into my workshop, just as I had begun cutting out a Sign on my Hegner, - His jaw," dropped," and he stood there staring at me for several minutes, then commented, " OH,- You really do make them !! " To which I replied, " Yes,- I didn't buy this machinery to look at !! " He, & his wife both bolted out of my workshop,- have'nt been back since,- Don't know why ?? Can't possibly work out why ?? Can't possibly !!!!!!


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                I'm glad that I in the right ballpark on price and not being way too high. My sister-in-laws brother asked if I was using a CNC machine. I think I may have to take that as a complement.
                I'm thinking that so much junk being mass produced in China is giving arts and crafts people a lower reputation. I hope that sounded right.
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