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    After getting a stand built for my saw, and doing some of Joanne Lockwoods test patterns, I decided to try one of Steve Goods patterns. I used a #3 blade.
    Now a couple of questions. I used one blade for the whole pattern. How do you know when to change? It was getting harder to cut at the end. Also is there a trick to getting the blade in the holes under the pattern? I feel like I need eyes on my hand.
    Now where near perfect but I can pick out the bears.

    I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum to maximize traffic and get you more responses to your post/request/question.
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    Nice job & no one will ever know it is your first attempt. Be sure to sign and date it for comparison purposes later o to monitor your progress. As to when to change a blade? When you notice you are pressing hard and perhaps your neck muscles are feeling tense. Some woods will begin to burn others just resist a dull blade. Blades are cheap so change often. it is one of those things you will develop a feel for.
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