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  • My first


    Go easy on me guys, here are my two first projects. One from cedar, one from maple. Not the greatest, especially compared to the work you guys do, but I guess we all have to start somewhere.


    maple wine.jpg

    What's that old saying?? A bad day scrolling is still better than the best day working??

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    great choice of pattern and woods.....Top notch!
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      Sarah, that piece of maple is GORGEOUS!

      And the pattern is really nice.

      Are those decorative pebbles that you glued on? They really add an interesting touch to the object.

      Be proud, you have nothing to envy from a lot of us, me first, as far as a "first" piece is concerned. You nailed it darn well!

      Congrats on a fantastic start, and keep them coming. I can see those as great Christmas gifts too. Where did you get the pattern?

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        Sarah, that is cool. You did great work on it.
        If my wife and I were wine drinkers I would make one for us.

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          Not pebbles, but GREAT idea!

          Hi Marcel,

          For the grapes in the design, I used birch buttons, although pebbles would be a fantastic touch! I believe that I found the design for these pieces in one of my husband's Weekend Woodworker magazines. The maple is my favorite one as well. We still have some maple left over, and I think that I am going to do the Bear Scene out of the Scrollsawer magazine with it.
          Thanks for your feedback everyone!

          What's that old saying?? A bad day scrolling is still better than the best day working??


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            Sarah those are so kewl, I love the wood grains you've used, good choice, if you hadn't said anything about the buttons I would have sworn you scrolled them out then sanded them to shape
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              It's a lovely design that's been nicely cut. Well done!

              Now, I think you need to test it for stability in use. I'd suggest you start with a full bottle and progressively empty it to see how its stability is affected. With a bit of luck, you won't be able to complete the test due to your own ensuing instability and you'll have to repeat the test again.

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                That's different - and functional! I was wondering what it was until I saw the bottle - maybe I shouldn't read forums before I wake up properly..duh!

                Nice pattern and cutting Sarah. I like the "grapes" idea. I'm wondering if it's possible to get hold of little round flat (does that make sense?) glass beads in different sizes.

                Now can you do one to slip over a bottle of beer?

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                  That is really a neat idea and very well done. Although I'm typically a portrait scroller, I love to see other useful ideas. Projects such as this can help me expand my horizons. The reason I don't post too many of my portraits anymore is because I think people are probably getting bored with them. I need to get more versatile so I can wow people with work such as yours.

                  Please keep them coming.

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                    Very nice work! The choice of woods is terrific as well.
                    I like Gill's suggestion and would gladly volunteer to test it for you, hehehe.
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                      Terrible, thats just terrible. Terribly good that is!!! Dale
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                        Hi Sarah, very nice. Are you pulling our legs? I think you have done this before. If not that sure is prettier than anything I did when I started. Again, Great Work, Steve
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                          You guys are really kind. I definitely will post more pictures of projects I finish. Thanks for all of your encouragement.

                          What's that old saying?? A bad day scrolling is still better than the best day working??


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