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Police Officer Memorial Plaque

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  • Police Officer Memorial Plaque

    I made 2 of these wall plaques and will be donating them to the NYPD 75pct and the family of PO Peter Figoski. On December 12, 2011, PO Figoski gave up his life for the people of New York when he responded to a robbery and was shot and killed. He was eligible to retire a few years ago, but continued to work in one of the most dangerous precincts so he could put his 4 teen daughters through college.

    These plaques are 26" high by 22" wide and made from Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Yellowheart and Mesquite. Special thanks to Paul from the U.K. who helped with this project by designing the portrait for me. He did an incredible job and I'm grateful for his assistance. I'm looking forward to presenting these plaques to the officer's family and fellow co-workers.
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    Police Officer Memorial Plaque

    WOW You did a great job of designing and layout of your work. You also used the different types of woods very nicely. His family and fellow police officers will appreciate this memorial.

    Thank you for remembering someone who puts their life on the line for our protection.
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      What an elegant and touching tribute! While nothing can bring such a dedicated and devoted person back, the plaque is sure to give comfort to his friends and family.

      Congratulations on a magnificent piece of work!

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        Outstanding project for a true Hero. Kudos to you sawdust11703 to honor him in your own way.
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          That's a beautiful tribute, RIP Officer Figoski


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            great job,looks great,
            and paul made a great job of the potrait,he is a talented designer,
            he has helped me out on many occasions.
            not doing much
            and busy doing it

            having fun making sawdust.



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              Very nice, The famoly and friends will enjoy it. Edward


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                Very nice...his family will treasure it I'm sure


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                  Very well done and ditto to what everyone else has said.Jerry
                  Don't worry be scrolling


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                    Thank you all. I appreciate the kind comments!


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