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    my latest creation

    my only regret is not researching how to finish the padauk better. I've always had good result with clear gloss poly before, but then I haven't worked in an oily wood like the padauk before either. the maple areas are fully cured 24 hrs after I applied it, but I'm still waiting for the rest of it to setup so i can flip it over and do bottoms and then flock the inside. having a heat lamp on it seems to be helping though so hopefully I won't have to strip off the poly and start all over again. i'd be done by now if I went with lacquer.

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    I had a similar problem w/ the paduk one time. Can't recall how I finally finished the project. But, I do recall it looking pretty fine when it was done.

    This is a nice looking project. She is going to be more than a little pleased when you deliver it.

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      Looking good. I am sure you will work out the issues with the finish and she will really love that jewelry box. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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        Nick, padauk and poly are a tricky combination. I stopped using poly quite a while ago, and stick to shellac and lacquer, both sprayed, since my projects are small.

        I also have a small box that was a prototype that I finished with Danish oil, and the padauk developed a white mildew type crud, which I've never seen before or since. I'm not sure exactly why padauk is so tricky, but I'm content with playing it safe.

        And if you do have to remove the poly, if you do it carefully it should all work out OK.

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          That box is very sharp looking, sorry for the clear coat troubles.Jerry
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            Very very pretty. Excellent job.


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              thanks guys. just to update, the heat lamp and some extra curing time did the trick and the finish finally hardened up so luckily I don't have to strip it and redo it. gonna flock it tomorrow and then it's all done.


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