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  • Dome Clock Question

    I have been working on this project off and on for years and I am to the 5th level which is the dome. The inside pieces (Panel pieces) are beveled and it states to cut to the bevel angle that is needed. Does anyone who has done this project have any suggestions on determining the angles it needs to be cut?

    Thanks for your help

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    I made one awhile back. The angles if got it right ,top and bottem < 22.5 degrees
    the side bevels @12-13 degrees. Put your uprights into place then make a scrap piece to test the angles. Cut the flat parts not removing the lines. I now have a disc sander which makes it easy to sand back to the lines and true the bevels as needed. I hope this might be of help to you.
    Can we see pics ?
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      Completed Dome Clock

      Finally complete after several years of working on it (off & on).
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        Good job!
        I admire you guys that can complete those.

        It's all fun
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          Hello tnirish
          It is so nice to see a project like that get to the completed stage. It looks like you did a very nice job. What kinds of woods did you use? What did you finish it with?
          Great to see your picture. We always like to see pictures (especially clocks)

          If you are interested in putting doorknobs on it or other minature hardware, try in Atlanta Georgia. {our favorite doorknobs are 1139 and 1105 in their catalogue} . If you are going to shows, we like to put a toothpick flag in a pinhole at the tip. Hope you don't mind the extra information.

          You will get a lot of positive feedback. A lot of people really seem to like that clock.


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