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  • splintering

    I am making my first "lace ornament" fretwork out of 3/16 baltic birch plywood, and having some problems with splintering on bottom surface. I have slowed cutting speed down that seems to have helped. I am using "flying dutchman" #5 ultra reverse blade. It says you get a splinter-free surface top and bottom. Any ideas?? Thanks, Jim in Bend,Or

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    Try stacking the workpiece with a 2nd piece of plywood. Your wood may be too thin and fragile. I would go with a smaller blade for that thin of material too.
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      Sometimes when wood gets old and dry it will splinter and chip. I was half way thru a project once an it was real bad. So I soaked it in Mineral spirits and BLO 50/50 mix, which I normally do after i finish. I had to reapply the pattern but it was worth it. It was much better cutting. Good luck
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        Part of the issue might be the size of the hole in your scroll saw table. Larger holes do not provide enough support for delicate pieces. You might be better off using a zero clearance insert on your saw. I have used 1/8 masonite, and aluminum flashing to make my own. Drill a hole just large enough to feed you blade, insert the blade through it and then attach to the table with double stick tape..
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          Jim, I don't know if it is your problem, but, I have gotten some ply that is not good quality & one side will flake or chip off while cutting. Usually it's the outer layer of wood laminate that flakes off. It seems to be one side, more, than both sides. I just consider it poor quality plywood. I bought it at Lowes & it was 1/2 in. ply. Good Luck


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