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  • Slim Dusty

    Latest Cutting,
    Many thanks to Randy for making the wonderful pattern for me.
    Took this one to the Markets on Sunday and sold it. Have two more, I'm just in the process of finishing frames for.
    Don't know why the pic has a "Blue" cast
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    "The Golden Mile"John Wayne
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    Retired Medically Unfit Police Officers ***.

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    looks great john,
    well done on your success at the market,
    i love the way you make those frames.
    not doing much
    and busy doing it

    having fun making sawdust.


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      First--great cutting and love the framing.

      Second, for the camera part, take a photo outside in normal daylight. If it is very blue, check the settings in your camera. Mine got set to indoor lighting (tungsten) at a wedding and when I went to shoot some scenery, it looked like blue ink was washed across the image.
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        Great cutting and really like the way you framed it up. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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          Very nice cuttings, great pattern, and I love those frames !

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            Beautiful work as always! As for the blue cast to the photos, Jim McD is right. It has to do with the color temperature of the light conditions. Your digital camera has a setting for white balance that will correct that problem for you. Just as a reference, tungsten light is very yellow. If the camera corrects for that, then the bright sunlight or fluorescent lighting will appear very blue when photographed. There is an automatic setting for white balance on most digital cameras but that is iffy at best. Just get into the menu on your camera, hunt up white balance. It's easy to set for the lighting conditions where you are.



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              John, great pattern, great cutting and great framing.
              Mick, - Delta P-20

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                I don't know who Slim Dusty is but you did a fine job on him and I love that frame.


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                  Looks great! I especially like your unique frame John.
                  -- Rick --


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                    G'day all,
                    Thanks very much for the kind words.
                    Thanks to Jim and Jan for info on the white balance with the camera. The wall behind he picture is beige so you can see the colour is not true. The frame colour is pretty accurate.
                    Slim in an Aussie Icon, He made more records than Elvis, not that he sold more .

                    For those interested I have posted a link to one of his songs here
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                    "The Golden Mile"John Wayne
                    Some of my Stuff
                    Retired Medically Unfit Police Officers ***.


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                      Nice work John. I didn't know who Slim Dusty was either but googled him and listened to a few of his songs. I can understand why he his so popular down under. Again good work.



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                        Your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing with us.
                        Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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