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  • More wine bottle and glass holders

    I have a few of these pieces on tap (no pun intended!) to do before the holidays. These are for the wine and beer lover friends of couple about to be married and the other a well deserved thank you for planning a trip.

    This time around I did few things differently. First was the choice of wood. I had used 1/2" thick poplar on my previous 4 pieces and this time I wanted to use a harder, denser wood and make these thinner in overall thickness. I used Sycamore and resawed a 3/4" thick piece to yield two 5/16"+ thick pieces.

    The second difference was that I stack cut two of these at a time...what a huge time savings in the drilling, cutting and sanding. I secured the pieces together with 4 screws in the waste area of all 4 corners and wrapped everything in tape to didn't budge in the least. I also made sure my Hegner was setup perfectly square knowing that I had some very tight detail in these pieces, especially in the cursive personalized names. I certainly didn't want even the slightest of angles to skew the pattern on the lower piece in the stack.

    By a nice coincidence, both of the guy's names were David, so I cut everything in the stacked tandem except the girl's names and the outer perimeter of the piece which I did individually.

    I finished these with several coats of Deft Satin spray, then for the first time signed the back of these pieces, thanks to the advice and suggestions of many of you guys, and then sprayed another 4-5 coats to seal things in nicely.

    I have a couple of wine/martini pieces I also need to complete soon, so I will definitely utilize the stacked cutting method to yield a two for one production.

    Happy Turkey everyone!
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    ---Joel; Central MD...rookie empter nester and getting back into woodworking!

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    You did a really tremendous job on these. Very very nice.
    Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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      Looks great!

      One word of advice to all who make a wineglass holder of any design - make sure the slots are big enough for a standard wine glass stem, and if not make them wider before final finishing. DAMHIKT. (Don't Ask Me How I Know This.)


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        Very nice looking projects! God Bless! Spirithorse


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          I know what you mean about sanding the opening to fit the glass stems. After making my first one for my wife having access to our own wine glasses to taylor the fit, we have bought nice plastic wine glasses for all of the others we use as gifts. This way I can make the fit perfect and most of our friends use these for picnics or hot tubs, where a nice plastic glass set is preferred than to use nice crystal or something like that which can break. I think Target or Walmart has them for a few bucks a piece...

          Good observation, but fortunately I thought that one through from the beginning.
          ---Joel; Central MD...rookie empter nester and getting back into woodworking!


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