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  • "birds of prey"

    This project was completed using a carved fretwork technique on a slab of chestnut. Finished with a satin polyurethane.
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    Dick Miraglia

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    Dick, That's just magnificent...!!!!!
    Exceptional work there buddy.... I have a weakness for

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      WOW, I love that, wish I had that kind of talent.
      Thanks for sharing with us.

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        Another awesome piece as always! You sure have some extreme talent! Hope to meet up again and see this in Saratoga Springs!

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          Dick Miraglia ,So was that cut out ,shaped then glued to the background? Really nice! It must have taken a long time to do. Lance


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            Beautiful work, Dick,
            God Bless! Spirithorse


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              Dick, the relief cutting and carving is great. Still working on the lion from a long time ago. (the fourth try, three others in the firewood barrel).
              Chuck D

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                Unbelievable!!!!! Just can't say enuf nice things re. this work. Well, maybe one more thing.... Where can I get my mitts on that pattern???

                Again, great work.



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                  Sweeeeeet........its good to see some more of your fantastic work, and such a pleasure to see you posting again. Don't be a stranger, love to see your work. .
                  Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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                    Thanks guys for your interest and your kind comments. Lance, the feathers were cut and carved separately. [A little tribute to Jim Sawyer] They were then glued to the chestnut board after everything else was cut and carved directly on the board. Gordie, the original project and pattern appeared in Creative Woodworks & Crafts, September 2006, and is by one of my favorite designers, Marilyn Carmin. The original design is much simpler and I modified and added to it. Thanks again, Dick
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                    Dick Miraglia


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                      What can I say. Really, really nice. Maybe your best work. You never fail to amaze me with your awesome talent.

                      Keep it up.

                      Chase---Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult.

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                        Awesome, truly awesome piece of art! Great work!!

                        Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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                          very impressive indeed,
                          well done,
                          not doing much
                          and busy doing it

                          having fun making sawdust.



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                            That is awesome. You have great talent.


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                              Dick, that is beautiful, really great, looks like you got a lot of hours into that one. Gives us all something to shoot for. Thanks again for sharing it with us.


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