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Brazilian Cherry(Finished Gift Pics)

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  • Brazilian Cherry(Finished Gift Pics)

    In my earlier thread, I inquired about fast or slow cutting on some 7/8" Brazilian cherry. I received a few replies from folks more familiar with the wood than I was and I took them all to heart as I tried this project.

    I made a few test cuts with a #7, but could not get the "feel" for this blade like I have for my all time favorite--Flying Dutchman #5UR. So, I went with the #5, knowing the cutting would be slow. (It is very similar to a rock Janette--granite!)

    Normally on 3/4" oak, I can get 15 to 20 minutes of hard cutting from a #5UR before I feel the need to think to changing blades==but with this stuff, after about 5 minutes, I noticed a sharp decline in cutting ability and it rarely went more than 7 before I thought I was smelling smoke. (Luckily, I only got one very minor burn and it is where only I know)

    This is to be a speakers gift November 9 at a university lectureship for a old friend of the family. (He and my wife were on faculty together, prior to his retirement).

    The pattern was a simple resize of the university logo. The finished piece is roughly 8"X8" plus base-which is 1".

    I have one more piece of the wood taped and ready to go to cut one for my wife's office--and the pattern is not that tough--but I am retiring from Brazilian cherry in that thickness.

    As always, your criticisms will be read and learned from.
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    It looks great to me!

    I've got and cut Brazilian cherry, but not that thick. That would be quite a challenge! (I've got some Brazilian cherry wood flooring which I plane down to 3/8 to 1/4.)

    Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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      That is beautiful - it should be a big hit!
      DeWalt 788


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        Nice Job Jim. How many blades did it take?

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          Looks really nice, Jim. It was worth the work, time, and blades!

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            That is a very nice design it is a beautiful piece of wood.
            Who is the designer?
            I have lots of the Brazilian walnut (flooring) and I cut that fairly well with the Olson PGT blades.
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              Not exactly sure, but the bottom of the bucket was littered with blades--best estimate 10-15. But, I think I was being very conservative on blade life and switching a bit early to prevent problems.

              The back story is that the Ball Brothers (Ball/Mason jars) endowed the university that bears their name and in honor of that, the university erected a statue in what used to be the center of the campus and the logo was designed from that statue--probably by one of the graphic artists some years ago.
              I always thought it would be a cool project to cut, but never really took the time to do it until the need arose. As I said, I will do one more in B. Cherry for my wife and I have a couple of close friends who may get walnut versions when they retire.
              When looking at the clock at work--the correct time is:
              Too early to leave, too late to call in.


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                Hi Jim - definitely a case of no pain no gain my friend!
                You've turned out a really classy look gift which is sure to be a winner.
                Me? I would have just about managed to cut the base!

                Well done!
                Jim in Mexico

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                  Really nice cutting and finish. Well done!
                  Mike C.


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