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Cut From the Same Cloth (Sort of)

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  • Cut From the Same Cloth (Sort of)

    Hi Folks
    I found this cloth in a quilting store on Friday and liked the design so I tried to put it across as a trivet. Overall, (and for the first attempt) I am not displeased. However, something doesn't 'feel' right. After I had the photos sitting side by side I figured out that I need to cut the little 'roundies' in the center part so they are simply more visible. I think that will give it some more definition in the middle. Right now, I think they look like something from the planet that never invented art. But, is that all or can any of you discerning scrollers see anything else that I am missing on this piece / pattern?

    I would appreciate your comment.

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    Nice job John. If I were cutting this, I would seriously think of cutting a diamond in the middle rather than a circle. Just my opinion.


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      I like it too. Maybe you could leave the center as is so you could put an initial in it. This could make a great house-warming gift.
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        I think for the most part you caught the essence of the fabric's design. The middle is missing something though.
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          Looks like a great adaption of a pattern from one media to another. The center could use something and I like all the ideas supplied. The diamond is good and also an initial is a great one.
          Great work on a new pattern and cutting.


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