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  • "For my Brothers!"

    Don't post a lot, but do look around often. Had this pattern laying around for a while and have forgotten where I found it, but finally got it cut and framed. Thinking about recutting with wood that is not so wild grained (maybe BB instead of oak). Thanks for looking.

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    Hi Teacher, like the cuttings very much, the subject matter is great. I think a lighter
    would enhance the cuttings a lot. Very good. Thanks for showing.



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      Great cutting teach,
      i think a less grained wood like bb would definetly enhance the pic,
      not doing much
      and busy doing it

      having fun making sawdust.


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        Nice job. I agree about the wood choice due to the grain.
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          I would say, in my humble opinion, is that in this particular piece, the wood grain looks pretty cool.

          But I stick with BBply for portaiture.

          Beautiful piece by the way...!!! Very deep...

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            Cool picture! I rather like the grain, looks like a sand storm. I was wondering if a bright background (like bright red) possibly would make it stand out more.


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              Hi Don, I usually use a maple or birch for wood with portraits but for this pattern I rather like the heavy grain. Thanks for sharing. Steve
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                Incredible detail. Very talented work.


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                  Beautiful job Teacher.


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                    I recon that a dramatic subject calls for a dramatic grain...

                    But that's just my humble opinion


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