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2nd cutting of wedding portrait; finally happy!

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  • 2nd cutting of wedding portrait; finally happy!

    I previously posted a wedding portrait in the thread below:

    I then followed the advice of others (not on this board) by dipping this into lemon oil and it in my opinion ruined it. The portrait surface and in particular the edges turned very dark and splotchy looking and several months later it is still not totally dry. I was determined to do better and attempt this piece again, even though this took a long time to drill and cut the first time around.

    So, this time I used 1/2" solid maple. The cutting was slightly better this time around, but I was still pleased with the previous cutting. I finished it this time with Deft satin spray in combination with 400 grit sanding with some soft flexible disks/pads in about 3-4 coats and sandings. The portrait surface is mirror smooth.

    I mounted the maple portrait to a walnut veneered piece of BB with a combination of wood glue and CA glue. I milled some solid walnut on my router table for the frame pieces to match the contrasting walnut background. I also rabbited the border of the maple portrait so the piece itself when framed wouldn't be so thick. The portrait wasn't totally square and isn't a perfect fit into the frame, but at this point, that is very minor in my eyes and I'm ready to move on to other projects.

    I'm glad this one is finally done. I guess I'll go to Michael's and pickup some framing hardware so I can hang this portrait.
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    ---Joel; Central MD...rookie empter nester and getting back into woodworking!

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    that really looks great. You did a super job.
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      Nice job Joel. I'd give that Lemon Oil away to someone I wasn't too keen on.

      Good Luck
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        I finally went back to danish oil. I too do not like the lemon oil it never cures. You did a splendid job, and your frame is nicely done.
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          Joel, very nice.
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            What I see, is excellent workmanship... great design... and a Great looking piece...!!!!!

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              Looks terrific!
              Dan H

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