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410 Mucha cutting

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  • 410 Mucha cutting

    This is the newest Moucha art work in a cutting. Thanks to the pattern designer for the hard work they did on it. There are 410 cuts in it, this is the second most cuts I have ever did on a piece. I do have one with 710 cuts but I locked it up so I don't have to think about all the work that went into it (just kidding).
    Enjoy and again thank you to the wonderful folks who create the patterns for us.
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    Oh my. . . !!!! Wow.
    DeWalt 788


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      Nice piece. Lots of holes and inside cuts. Keeps us on our toes, right? Thanks for sharing. Paul


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        Amazing work Jim, looks good, I dont think I would want to keep track of how many cuts there are

        Only Robinson Crusoe could get everything done by Friday!


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          Sweet cutting. Now that is my kind of Fretwork. Where did you get the pattern?

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            Wow Jim. I'll bet that took awhile to do with all the drilling and cutting


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              That looks like one of Frieke's pieces. I bought one from her. Can't cut it until after Halloween. I think I can safely say "that's my kind of woman" (and you can make of that what you wish - lol ;-)

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                Wow! is right. That is a very nice piece.


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                  You have the patience of an oyster. Very beutifull work.


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                    Wow Jim, very nice cutting again, thanks for using my patterns. I like the colored background, it makes it fragile.... still need some time to work on the other one, almost finished... thanks for your patience to wait...

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