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"Other 3-D" Project (Dimensional Sign)

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  • "Other 3-D" Project (Dimensional Sign)

    This is the finished project that I sort of "allured" to in my New Member post. The elements were cut out and attached individually in a "layered applique" fashion. Simple hand tools were used to add some "texture" to all of it. This is not wood or leather, it is HDU (High Density Urethane) except for a few of the elements which are soft pine.

    Carving 4.jpg

    carved letters 03.jpg
    Carving 5.jpg
    Carved Sign 048.jpg
    Paint 005.jpg
    carved letters 05.jpg
    side view 003.jpg
    carved brushes 01 013.jpg
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    Thanks Excellent!
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      Very impressive work, John. I like the tooled leather look, the detailed calligraphy, and especially the rendition of the brushes and other tools that you use for your craft. It will be interesting to see how you incorporate the scroll saw into your work, and the opportunities it provides you.

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        thanks Carole. I used the band saw with a 1/8" blade - not much different than the scroller but I have to use other methods to do the insides of the letters where the band saw can't reach. All the while, WISHING I had a scroll saw. and now, that I've got one, I'll be venturing back into dimensional graphics and maybe do a project here and there just for funzies. The last scroller I had was an old Dremel or Craftsman (I forget which one) back in the early '80s. Now, I've got the newly refurbished 788 and ready to get at it.


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          Very interesting and well done projects. I have not tried a 1/8" blade but think I will. Can you tell us the brand of blade, tooth count and what bandsaw you are using. Sorry to be asking so many questions but you have the knowledge. Also, any tips for using that small of a blade.

          I have two bands awe and want to try this on my 10" Rikon with the Carter Stabilizer guide.



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            I've used 1/4 and 1/8" blades from different sources with good results. I use carbon fiber blade blocks so I can put the blade in the middle of the blocks. You have to "tune" the blade for your specific saw. Several videos on YouTube on how to tune band saw blades.
            If you google 1/8" band saw blades, you will find many sources - just choose what fits your saw and the type of material you will be cutting.


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              To answer your question about the saw that I have:
              my first one was the 12" Craftsman from the late '70s. (put a LOT of miles on that one).
              Craftsman 12.jpg

              Sold that one in 2000 when I closed the shop.
              then, in 2004, I got a 10" Delta Table Top just for hobby work. (I used the 1/8" and 1/4" blades on this one - the biggest blade was a 3/8").
              Delta 10.jpg
              Sold that one in 2016 and got a vintage 14" Delta (a real work horse)
              14in. Delta.jpg

              I really like the one I have now because of the 14" throat. I made a plywood top that greatly enhances the table work area. I will eventually put some T-Slots in it for jigs, etc.I put casters on the legs which raised the table up about 4" which brings the cutting area within a very comfortable height for me.

              Delta 14in.jpg
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