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  • Minor Question About Bowls

    I'm just beginning to try my hand at bowls and I've been following Carol Rothman's book on scroll saw bowls. I'm on my second bowl and now understand why you need to sand the inside before attaching the bottom ring. My question deals with gluing the bottom ring. It appears to be very important to make sure you clean up any glue extrusion before it dries on the inside of the seam. It's virtually impossible to remove any glue line after it dries. Are there any little tricks to clean up the rapidly setting glue? I've tried wetted "Q" tips with little success. Are there some glues better than others for minimizing the problem? Any suggestions?

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    If the bowl is not used for wet stuff you can use Titebond glue that dries up invisible. My trick is after applying the glue and I used my bowl press from Carol, after a few minutes, release the press and use a plastic straw cut at an angle to remove the excess glue.

    i also used the above they work real good

    Here is the wood glue to use
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      Glad you asked! Glue on the inside seam can be a bear to remove. Here are some hints that might help:

      1. If the width of the underside of the bottom ring allows it, keep the inner 1/16" free of glue. That will help minimize squeeze-out.

      2. Be absolutely sure that the glued-up ring assembly sits flat on the base with no small spaces between them. Use the sanding tile selectively so that the two pieces sit absolutely flat. This will eliminate small voids through which glue can seep, and also eliminate unsightly glue lines on the outside of the joint.

      3. As Pete said, use the bowl press, let the the bowl sit for about 5 minutes, then take the bowl out if you need to remove squeeze-out. You want the glue to be slightly rubbery so it won't smear on the surfaces, which can leave nasty glue spots that are hard to remove. I use a toothpick, sometimes with some paper towel right at the end, to scrape away the squeeze-out. I often follow that up by rubbing that area with a damp paper towel to remove any remaining glue reside that will spoil your finish.

      4. Regarding glue, I know that Franklin has a new product that dries clear, which I've not tried. My all-time favorite is Weldbond, which sets up quickly and dries clear.

      Also, for a quick check for glue spots before you apply the finish, apply mineral spirits to the surface. It won't reveal all of them, but usually shows up the ones most in need of removal. It takes a little while for the mineral spirits to evaporate, but it does go away.

      Hope this helps!

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        Pete and Carole - Thanks for the tips. I'll give them a try. I've made the bowl press and it works great. I've been using Weldbond but I may try the Franklin product. It is really critical to get any squeeze thru as quickly as possible. It's a bear to try to cleanup afterwards.


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