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3-layer sailboat plaque

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  • 3-layer sailboat plaque

    After earlier this year I went through my books and got me a score of images of vintage sailing ships(*), I keep in finding new ways of making plaques with this designs. After trying my hand at segmentation, which kind-of worked, and multiple bevel-cuts,
    which I still have to keep trying until I get it right, I took a page from Alex's book and tried the next plaque as a layered design.

    Here is the result editor_20201130_131544.jpg

    I made t out of 1/8' plywood. The design came out to 4 layers, but revisiting the drawings, I realized that the bottommost layer was just a square that represents the sky, so I figured I could just let it out. The top layer was just the boat's hull, so I tucked it away in a piece of spare you saw out of the second layer.
    The size is 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 in or one letter-sized page for the whole project. I finished it in about one hour. Not really a project to be bragging about therefore, but after all the previous designs I had to throw out I am just too glad something actually worked out.

    editor_20201130_131315.jpg ​​​​​​​

    (*) Okay, not literally a whole old-school 'score' but definitely more then a dozen

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    Now that's going in a new direction. Nice!
    Linda at


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      Very innovative! Thanks for sharing your work.
      Jim in Mexico

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