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  • Rose in dome

    I wanted to make a rose pattern, but just a rose is too simple. I added dome to make 3d effect more effective. What do you think?

    Rose pattern
    Video of making rose project
    Alex Fox Patterns

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    Hi Alex.
    after I tried some layered designs myself, and got some experience designing,... You asked what I think, here are some ideas:

    ​​​​​​​First off, as a project, the rose itself looks fantastic. Although the dome with its three layers of frame somehow of a jukebox. As a frame however it works, although I personally would make the bottom in the same vein like the sides.

    Then for the rose, I love how the veins of the leaves come out. However this is tempered a bit by the fact that both leaves are at the same height, which makes the result look a bit flat. Of I were to improve on the design, I would raise one leaf, preferably the right one, by one level so that there is a little difference of height between them.

    ​​​​​​​The same goes for the rose flower. The top is a bit too wide so it looks flat. I would leave off the left part of the top layer so the top starts with the petal this will draw the attention to the right side and make the left side look a little rounder.

    As a last idea, try leaving out the bottom layer so that you can actually see through the glass dome. I used something similar for my sailboat and it works out well. May be it works with this design as well
    but that's about all for now.



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