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Finished Handcuffs

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  • Finished Handcuffs

    here is the handcuffs from Pop's pattern....
    they are cut out of 1/4 oak...

    the pattern was right on the mark and very easy to cut...
    this might be top secret...but the hardest part was trying to get the spring the right length so it wouldn't bind up...

    Thanks again Pop's for the time you put into making this pattern.

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    Trout, They look fabulous!! You did a fantastic job on them and I bet your son will love them! Please take pictures when you give them to him and post so we can join in (vicariously) with the celebration!!

    Cathy in NE
    Cathy in NE

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      That is so cool.

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        Man, those look great! How can I acquire the pattern? Is for sale?


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          I love them too, and I do hope he strikes a deal to get them in the magazine! Its a great project. I am curious Trout on grain direction. Any reason you chose the direction you did for the smaller half? Dale
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            I hope he really enjoys them as much as I did working on the pattern for you. They do look great! The spring I used was actually smaller then the 1/4" wood locking pin and surrounding framing so I didn't have too much trouble with it. I'm glad you chose the round links too. It makes a world of difference.
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              On to the next challenge...
              Delta 16" 40-530
              Ryobi 16" VS

              "Never be afraid to try something new. Remember it was amateurs that built the ARK but Professionals that built the Titanic!"


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                Very nice work PoP and Trout, I too hope to see the plans in the near future.



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                  Excellent craftsmanship there Trout.
                  Pop look forward to seeing more or your projects. Let us know then the pattern is ready for sale. I am a retired LEO and have 3 brothers still on the job. They would make great gifts.

                  Paul S.


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                    Those Handcuffs are really cool.

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                      well done!! Kudos!!

                      Sue Chrestensen


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                        Amazing! I'm another one who'd love to have the pattern for those.

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                          Trout, Pop, excellent collaberation, well done. I'm another one who'd like to try my "hand" at the "cuffs".


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                            pretty cool guys...good work.
                            Jeff Powell


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                              Very cool Pops,
                              I'm really interested in a pattern myself. I have a good friend who's a guard at a prison and I know he'd love them. He's hard to buy for and I know this would be something no one else would be getting him. Looking forward to seeing the pattern published in the magazine.

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