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Bandsaw boxes and Scrolling... *hmmm*

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  • Bandsaw boxes and Scrolling... *hmmm*

    This is giving me a whole new outlook on the pull construction for some of my bandsaw boxes. Below is an example of a pull that I think could use some better design via the scroll saw. (I'm getting a whole lot of new ideas).

    Any suggestions or sample ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    When I do my bandsaw boxes, I always use the scrollsaw to cut the pulls. They come out nicer, and I'm not putting my hand near the bandsaw blade. I like safety.

    One thing I hadn't thought of was that by doing these on my scrollsaw, I could do fretwork handles. I'll bet I can come up with some nice handles using some nice, tight inside cuts.


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      Forgot to mention that I *really* like that box. Very nice work. I may have to "appropriate" that idea :-)


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        Very nice box, Stan. I like that little dolphin pull you used.

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          Beautifully finished box. What size is it, BTW.

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            Originally posted by MikeDingas
            Beautifully finished box. What size is it, BTW.
            Think the dimensions on that one were 10" wide, 7" tall and 5-3/4" deep.


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