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    Thought I'd post 2 more projects that I thought were very impressive designs. The Mill Clock has a moving water wheel. Not hard to build or align at all. Guess I really like projects that move. Wish I had half the ability that these designers have!
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    We Danes are very even tempered. We're always mad about something!

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    They both look great, I really like the wolf one. I love mirror images in water.


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      sawdustus of hiawatha

      Thanks for posting pics of two beautiful projects. Keep up the fantastic work.
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        Very nice Buzz! Good showing on both.
        Keep em coming!

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          Buzz, nice work.
          I like the Wolf the best. I cut a lot of wildlife pictures.
          Thanks for posting the pictures.

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            Wolf drinking

            I have done the wolf drinking pattern. It can be found here,
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            Have fun, this can be a good picture to do with both flat and spiral blades.
            Chuck D

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              Very nice, Buzz. I like them both but that wolf is really something ..

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                Keep 'em coming!

                Bill (ozarkhillbilly) be careful what you wish for. It may come true. I have many more pictures of projects, both scrollsaw and plastic/balsa models. Some of the scrollsaw projects are rather intricate due to the very small letters. They are hard to cut and keep looking decent as the smallest errors are pretty evident.
                We Danes are very even tempered. We're always mad about something!


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                  I too have cut the wolf pattern. Cut it with straight blades before I started using spirals.
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