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    Thanks Carole Rothman for a marvelous book on Creative Wooden Boxes. I am new at scrolling and found your instructions to be very informative and easy. I am attaching a photo of three cupcake boxes that I completed this weekend. I used left over two by four for the bases and found some pine boards at the local box store for 50 cents each and managed to make three icing tops from one board. What a deal!! I can't wait to start on one of the bow boxes. Thanks again for your creativity. I appreciate you sharing your ideas with all of us.
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    nice job, they look great!

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      Soon we'll need a special posting category for cupcakes.

      It's great you were able to do them so economically--no one would ever know, and they really came out well.

      I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the bows---those are really fun to make, and people will swear that you bent the wood to get the loops. Not sure if you can use 2x4's for them, but I'm sure you'll think of something.

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        Thanks Trout and Carole for your kind words. I was surprised at how easy the cupcakes were to make. I really enjoy making them and friends and family will enjoy receiving them. I used Watco Danish Oil in natural, medium walnut and dark walnut to color the pine. I thought it best to experiment with the pine before I started on the Wenge and Zebrawood that I purchased. Once, I tackle the bow box, I'll be sure to post a picture or two. Thanks again. Enjoy your day!



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          Excellent work on those Diane. Thanks for making me hungry again hehe. Keep up the great work.

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            Carole's cupcake pattern sure is a hit around here, you did one sweeeeeet job on them, and I like the way you boxed them up too. Eager to see more projects from you Diane, welcome aboard.
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              Those look wonderful. Lovely workmanship!
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                They look real enough to eat.


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                  Great job.

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