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  • Alaska Yellow Cedar

    It is approx 6in dia by 4-1/4in high. There are 10 rings cut to a width of 0.30in. Each ring is around 0.45in high. Finish is Krylon Triple Glaze Acrylic.

    Any suggestions for improvement?
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    Nice looking vase / bowl Terry. Might want to add a center ring to help keep the edge from being so sharp but if that is the look you are going for it looks great. now that you have done one you are hooked and will have to make more and different ones to boot. Looking forward to seeing your work.

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      Looks great. I have yet to cut my first, need weather to cool some. Would it have been possible to align the grain more?
      Steve in Richmond, VA with a DW-788


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        DW, I wanted the "sharp" look on this one, working on one with a marked flat interlude. This must be around number 70 or so. Looks like I sold about 50 of them, so yep, I'm hooked. Dave VanEss' site Scroll Mania has a wonderful program for drawing the rings and it it lets you put waves in, so square and rectangle and wiggly are all possible. The constraint is being able to sand the inner radius of the curves.

        Lived in Mentor from 1944 to 1960, went to St Mary's Elementary and Mentor High. Good memories, lilkely would not recognize anything now. Bolton's had a pasture with a great sled hill at the SE corner of Center and 82, Johnny Cake Ridge. Couple of fishing ponds on the SW corner parcel but back in a ways.

        Steve K, I aligned the wood the way it was in the board by using the drill holes at glue-up. Both top and bottom came from the same board, but the grain will never align across the joint. If I was using a board from a very old and slow growing tree it might be possible. Will look for a board with better possibilities next time. Thanks for the pointer.

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          Terry that is very nice. I have made tons of the bowls, but have not tried a one like this.


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