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  • Jewellery box

    A oak jewellery/ring box i have made for my missus
    pattern from Steve Good
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    Sweeeeet cut darcy2460, that project is on my every growing To Do List.
    What kind of wood is it? Thanks for posting yer picture, always a pleasure to see what other members are working on, gives food for thought too.

    What part of....
    A oak jewellery/ring box
    don't you understand.....GIGGLE...Runnin really fast.
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      Very nicely cut! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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        Very nice. I am also curious about what kind of wood you used here? Did you have any problems cutting the sliding dovetail straight?

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          As far as i know it is Silky Oak but im not 100% and yes Dave J it wasn't easy for me anyway lol it will only open one direction lol


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            Very nice, really like the dovetail slider lid. Another idea for the future , thanks for posting.



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              Very nice - and the color of the wood is gorgeous! I'm going to have to get that pattern just because I am intrigued by the dovetail sliding lid -- that one's new to me and I'd love to see how to do that. Bet your wife really loves this!


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