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My first wobble bowl

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  • My first wobble bowl

    My first wobble bowl. Pattern from

    This was fun, easy to cut, and didn't take much wood. Used 1/4" walnut... which btw... gave me a strange allergic reaction of a tingling tongue. Go figure. Haven't had an issue with any dust until the walnut.
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    Very nice bowl. I think you should start wearing a dust mask. We have had some of our members that have ended up in the hospital by different wood's dust. Myself included. Found out the hard way I was allergic to yellow heart dust.


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      Nice job. Like Fran has suggested wear a dust mask. Should anyway when cutting. Nothing worse than having breathing issues because of something you can prevent. Thanks for sharing the bowl with us.

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        You did a beautiful cutting job on this bowl. It looks really nice. I hope you don't mind me suggesting that you soften the upper and lower edges of the outer rim if you haven't already. Sandpaper with a sanding block would work well for this purpose.



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          Thanks Mike I will definitely do that. I really appreciate the tip.

          I wore a dust mask at first... but then I wasn't having any probems at all and so I stopped. I have a box fan that blows across my scroll saw table and then an air clean on the other side... but I will definitely start wearing a mask. I have noticed I was doing more coughing lately as my system was trying to get rid of the dust.

          I don't have any allergies that I am aware of except something to do with mold on leaves that really bothers me.


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