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  • Ring Tray Holdr Material

    Hi folks, just finishing several band saw boxes and would like to insert a ring holder into several of the cavities. I've read of using rolled up cotton / rolled up felt and other material. What I'd like to use is a foam 'block' , they're white and spongy (firm) and apply felt / velveteen. Are there any suppliers out there.

    any suggestions welcome.


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    Glenn check out Carole's video on her cupcake ring box, you may find it helpful
    The Cupcake RING Box - YouTube
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      Thanks Wood Dog, thats what I was after. I did have Carole's new book for a period of time from our mobile library but didn't document things. Did order the book and assumed it would be here before I had to return the loaner.. Not even shipped yet..


      Enjoyed the video, and the book just shipped from Amazon,
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