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Work in progress on cupcake box

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  • Work in progress on cupcake box

    I have been working on my cupcake box most of the day today!! It felt good to get back into the shop after a couple busy stressful weeks! This is how far I got today:


    The base is Butternut, which I think is way to "stringy" for this. The icing is Cherry. It's not glued together yet. I tried to make it look "swirled" but I don't think I sanded the bottom of the icing layers enough.

    Thank you to Carole who responded to my multiple messages with questions. Trout and Wood Dog also gave me advice on this!! What a wonderful group!!! Thanks for looking!!
    Cathy in NE

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    Looking good Cathy. Looking forward to seeing pics of it competed.

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      looks really good to me


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        I like the look of the butternut for the base, even if it is, 'stringy'.
        I can't wait to try my hand at one of these.
        Yours came out beautiful...!!!!

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