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Two More small boxes

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  • Two More small boxes

    Here are two more smaller boxes I made yesterday. I really like using the smaller scrap pieces in this way. I found another store that is will to sell my items, so I need to really get busy and build more large and small boxes and Trivets for them. These are made from Koa
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    Very nicely done Larry. I am glad that you have found an outlet for them. One place you may wish to check with is the gift shops in the local hospitals, a lot of them are looking constantly for unique gift boxes.

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      Very nice Larry. I had never thought of this type of box as a horizontal design. Makes sense.

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        Ron, these boxes were made to stand up on the bottom, but when I was taking the pictures, I layed them down on the bench of a swing...but they do work that way, but they should be displayed setting up.


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          Very nice Larry. I love the turtle.
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            Beautiful aas usual Larry. Love the sea turtle.
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              First off, I think they are great!

              A second thing is also important for people who want to sell their scroll work. That is, make something that could mean something to tourists or visitors to remember their time. People will spend money on vacation or travelling more so than locally at a craft show. And, you are offering them a locally handmade memory.

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                Steve, being an Artist of any type in Hawaii and wanting to sell your products, it is just like you say. They want something to take home to remind them of the wonderful time they had on their vacation, and I have tried to make money off of that theme. Most of the products I have been making are geared to those people....not everything of course, but allot. I have just been trying to make items I have not done before....having fun in our old age I guess they call it.


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