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  • Strange Trinket Box

    Here's a little box I'm working on. A friend who makes custom pool ques, guitars and recurve bows gave me a box of scrap exotic hardwoods. The sides of the box are made from one piece that I can't identify and there wasn't enough for the lid and bottom. So.....a little creative cutting and staining of the oak top resulted in a really strange looking box!!!
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    If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!

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    Kind of a strange illusion effect, but I like it!


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      had to blink a couple of times to get a grip on that one !
      That's pretty clever sir !
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        Neal. pretty box. but mmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks unfinished. are you going for a unfinished or shadow look. the birds ey on the sides looks great. and the top. looks kinda heavy. but maybe a mirror. or some jewels. or something. but realy. finish staining the whole thing. yuuk. sorry. not a loss for sure. nice cutting. just needs something. like some leather dyes or something. Evie hay I got it. a midalion. orrrrrr. welllll. the top is just to big. sorry. Evie or even a small segmentation. on the top. OK done


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