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Ginger Jar blues, what did I do???

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  • Ginger Jar blues, what did I do???

    Working on my new ginger jar and can't figure out what the heck I've done wrong. I've been over and over the directions and nothing. I have a big ledge about 1/4" under the center ring where it will connect with ring set 1.


    When I look at the directions I am to have ring set 1 with a 1/4" edge and the center ring with a 1/2" edge. Not sure how I did this on the "practice" jar I made, but I don't remember this happening. Here's a couple shots with a ruler showing how much of a ledge there is on two opposite sides:


    and the other side


    Does anyone have any idea what I might have done wrong this time??? I know Carole is in Sarasota Springs, but maybe she will see this post when she gets back. Thanks so much everyone!!
    Cathy in NE

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    Is this an April Fools joke?.........if not then it looks like you cut the ring without tilting the table for your angle on that ring.
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      The middle ring is cut straight, no angle Wood Dog. Then you build up and in from there. It's just frustrating the the first one I made, no problem. I think it was beginners luck!
      Cathy in NE

      "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." - Anonymous


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        I just got back from Saratoga Springs and saw your post. It's been a while since I made the ginger jar, but if you check the last project in the book, which is constructed in a similar manner, it will be clearer what I had in mind since there are more photos.

        Here's what I recall. First, since the jar has a narrow opening, if you look inside, you' can only see the bottom of the jar. The upper part of the inside cannot be seen. This gives you more leeway than if everything were visible.

        As I recall, I was giving priority to getting the characteristic ginger jar look. To do that, I needed fairly steep sides, which meant using 1/4" rings and a 20˚ cutting angle for the bottom of the jar. That part is really just a basic bowl. To get the shaping correct for the upper part, I made the middle ring, and also the ring for the upper set, 1/2" wide. This also gave plenty of wood for shaping.

        There is really no easy way to get a smooth transition between the two different width rings without a lot of unnecessary sanding, and in this case, it doesn't matter because it won't be seen. The exteriors will match, since the outer diameters of the largest rings are all the same, and the different in ring width where the bottom rings meet the middle ring will be invisible. The middle ring will match the top ring set.

        I hope this makes sense. You could probably sand down the inside of the middle ring so that the lower edge was 1/4", or even cut the inner part at an angle so that the top was 1/2" and the bottom was 1/4" (I haven't tried it, but it should work). That would make it esthetically more pleasing inside, but since no one but you will know, you have to decide whether you want to take on the additional work. At the time I wrote the book, I was trying to keep things as simple as possible, and avoid work that would not be seen. If I were redoing that project, I'd probably try to make the inside more elegant, to see if that were worth the extra work.

        Hope this helps. If you do decide to try to bevel the inside of the middle ring, let me know how it comes out. Otherwise, just focus on the outside shape, which is all that will be looked at, given that there's a lid.

        Sorry for your distress. I agree that it definitely looks weird as you're doing it, but the end result does work.

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          I looked inside the ones I made and everyone of the middle ring is as Carole says, hidden. You don't see the overhang. Everyone of I've made has had the overhand, but I was only worried about the outside and didn't check the inside. I don't usually finish the inside because you don't see it.

          BTW, they will make a great lamp also



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            Thank you so much Carole!! I just can't see that overhang in the practice jar. Maybe that's because it's like Charles says, you can't see them!! Looking at the pictures of the vase I bet I just followed directions, glued it to the top and then set it on the bottom. That way I wouldn't have notice the over hang. Mystery solved!!! Those pictures really helped! Anyway onward and upward.

            Charles, I don't remember you posting any pictures of your ginger jar?!?!?! Please post some!! I love that jar. Will keep you posted on my progress! Thanks again!
            Cathy in NE

            "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." - Anonymous


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              As soon as I get over this Vertigo, I will post pictures of both the ginger jar and the lamp I made from it. This stupid vertigo has been around now for 3 weeks now.



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