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My Try Delecious Cupcakes

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  • My Try Delecious Cupcakes

    I made 3 cupcakes. The 3 bases are Mahogany and Maple the frosting is Maple, Yellowwood, walnut. The sprinkles are veneer I cut up on 2 and the other is maple I used a surform rasp to make some curley's.

    My wife put some cotton in one of them and said it's cream filled.
    You will notice that one one of the bases the lines do not go all the way to the top. I must have had the angle wrong on the sander. Everyone I show these to like that one better. Looks more like the crinkle paper holder.

    My big question is how much to charge. It took me about 1 1/2 hours each to make complete. I am thinking in the $25 range.

    All comments are welcome.

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    Nicely done. I'd charge whatever I thought the traffic will bear. It all depends on the venue. If I had them in the gallery I'd probably charge that price perhaps a little more.
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      They look yummy, Bill. I like the idea of the cream filling, too. You did a nice job with them, right down to the decorative toppings.

      I've never sold any, just given them away as gifts, but $25 sounds like a good place to start. If you make up a bunch of them, you might be able to give a slight discount for buying several. Let us know how you make out.

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        Nice work Bill! - You've done Carole proud. I've no idea on the price but I think that as well as the craftsmanship the novelty aspect of these pieces ought to demand a reasonable amount.
        Jim in Mexico

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          Bill, those sure do look yummy....Great job


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            they look good enough to eat excelent


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              Sweeeet stuff Bill, like the cotton idea too. Sprinkles are fun to make aren't they.
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                Very nicely done Bill. I agree with the others $25 sounds about right to start. If they sell quickly then $25 might be a bit low. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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                  Those came out great.Jerry
                  Don't worry be scrolling


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                    Done to perfection! Serve them warm and they are bound to be good sellers.
                    Mtnman Jim

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                      You make me hungry, very nice work.Is the pattern available?


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