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    Yo The Lathers in the group
    I purchased a lathe chuck last weekend from Woodcrafters.
    I have never used one before and had some problems making these boxes.
    I cut the tenon into the dove tail shape so it would fit the clamps and tightened down on it really well using all the holes going around the rim.
    When I was making the inner cuts I would knock the project off center and had a HECK of a time getting it back straight.
    What is the fix for this problem?
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    Steve, look up Rick Hutcheson's website. He has some really good videos and will answer your question if you fire off an email to him.



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      If you are turning wet cedar it may be drying and warping as you turn it. If that is the case it has nothing to do with your chuck. If you have a turners guild in your area join it and you will receive more help than you can use.


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        Stephen a couple areas.

        - Dove tail jaws refer to the outside of the jaw and dove tails are used on the outside of the recess walls. The inside of the jaws is straight up and down (90 degrees). When cutting a tenon the sides of the tenon should be straight.

        - For added strength you want the diameter of the tenon to be as large as possible. Measure the max width of the jaws when open and try to make the tenon just a hair smaller then that.
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          Very sharp tools and a light touch also help.
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            Make sure the face of the chuck is in contact with the box, don't have the tenon too long, you need a bit of space between the bottom of tenon and inside of chuck.
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