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My first Carole Rothman bowl... well jar

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  • My first Carole Rothman bowl... well jar

    I finally got Carole Rothman's ginger jar done today! Made from Alder with a shellac finish. I don't have the base finished, but I wanted to post the jar. A big THANK YOU to Carole for all the extra help with this!! I have been emailing and messaging with her for a couple weeks over the jar.


    (The penny is in the picture for my dad. It gives him an idea of what the size is)


    This is what Carole was helping me with:


    It wasn't very pretty!!! Everything was going good with it until I started trying to shape up to the lip. Carole was soooo patient with me and gave me such good advice!! It's hard to believe I got it too look as decent as it does!!! Thanks for looking!!
    Cathy in NE

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    Very nicely done Cathy. You did great. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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      Knew you could do it! Looks a lot better than my first one.

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        Geeezzzzz Cathy are you sleeping in the shop?
        Love all the projects you posted, thanks for the eye candy.
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          WOW!! Very nice!! Love it. And it is wonderful how you managed to get from where it was to the final product (From the 3rd pic to the 1st and 2nd). Amazing!!
          Mtnman Jim

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            Hay Cathey that's a great looking ginger jar, you did a wonderful job. I can wait to see the jar on it's base. Carole is awesome when it come to asking for help with the projects in her book.
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              You did an awesome job on the jar Cathy.


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                nice Job going to make the little base for it to set on?

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                  Wonderful looking piece Cathy...!!!!

                  I hope my first comes out so well...

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                    Great Save Cathy....When those darn things get out of round it's a pain to find the fix isn't it. I'd say you did a darn good job.


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