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The smell of woodm the memories of past

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  • The smell of woodm the memories of past

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    The smell of fresh cut cedar and Oak. When I was 15 there was a guy in the neighborhood in his 70's that built double ended rowing skiffs. I helped him rip the lumber. He had a huge belt driven saw being powered by a 6 cylinder chevy motor. That was a little scarry. He also steamed the ribs and we used copper rivets to put it all together. Learned alot, good memories.
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      Spanish cedar - makes me itch, tastes of kerosene in your nose and mouth, and leaves a fine red indelible dust on everything but brings back the days of wondering through the woods as a boy and listening to God's voice in the wind.

      The aroma of red oak highlights the memories of my Grandfather sitting on the front porch in his favorite chair and watching his grandchildren run and play in the pastures and discovering a world of bugs, critters, and farm animals.

      Cherry - what can be more soothing than shaping a piece of cherry which brings back the rememberances of Grandma cooking in her kitchen, not just pies, cobblers, and cookies, but everything she made. She was the only lady I knew who could take a can of tomatoe sauce, a pound of meat, and some flour and make a four course meal to feed a family of 10.

      Plywood - any and all sorts, reminds of the days as a boy in the backyard making rabbit hutches and chicken coops with nothing more than a hand saw, a hammer, and a double hand-full of rusted nails.


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        Cypress, especially the old sunken type, has the pungent aroma of a very dirty mens public restroom, if you know what I mean. Beautiful whites and yellows with long grains but make sure you have the doors and windows open to your shop.


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          I was raised on a sawmill in West Michigan. There are three that come to mind.

          One was Black Oak cut from low land. It smelled really sour when cut into

          lumber. The other was Elm it had a slight odor that smelled like urine when

          freshly cut. The one that produced the best smell when sawed was White

          Stoney aka Al

          This gettin old stuff ain't for sissies!


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