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Wedding box inlay or not

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  • Wedding box inlay or not

    I am in the process of making this wedding keepsake box, ideally I would like to
    inlay the bride and groom motiff, but inlaying a sillouette is one thing but inlaying it in segments is quite another I am not sure how to go about this can anyone offer me advice?. I decided to cut the motiff out in segments and make an overlay but it does not seem right somhow, it looks rather bulky. Maybe someone has any other ideas of an inlay pattern, and where I can obtain one. I have looked at several issues of Scroll Saw mags but can't find anything suitable. Would be grateful for any advice.

    Harry UK.
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    I make a lot of boxes with applied and inlayed images similar to those one you made. I find that some folks actually prefer applied over inlayed. I keep my applied images about 3/16" thick. I would inlay that image in poplar. One piece, and then carve the internal lines into it with a "V" groover. I then would make a mixture of a contrasting wood powder, like mahogany, and white glue. Smear that on to fill the "V" groove and squeegee it off with a credit card. Sand after it dries. That is how I did this one and others.
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