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Caroles Bowl on steroids lol

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  • Caroles Bowl on steroids lol

    I used Caroles pattern from issue 37 and enlarged it to 16" for a raffle for my Grandson's Baseball Team. I made the big one for chips and 2 regular size for dips. They look good in the pic but rather dissapointed in final results. I have so much to learn, my sanding sucks my finish sucks . But I'll keep on trucking and hopefully get better.
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    From where I set those bowls look pretty darn good. I have also made many of Carole's bowl designs in much larger bowls. Some say they had a hard time cutting the rings on the larger bowls...I did not have a problem with it....did you?


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      no Larry i just kept enlarging untill i got to around 16" and was at 45 drgree angles for the 4 piece's. I kept the blade angle at 28 degrees so it worked out. the problem I had was the inside sanding being to big for the oscalating sander wouldn't work. They turned out ok but have runs on the inside bottom. I used spray she
      llac and thought i was going thin enough but it puddled, the more I tried to repair the worse it got. So tomorrow lots of sanding and refinish the bottom.
      Yea I walked through The Valley of Death and I kicked it's ***
      Semper Fi


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        The look good to me my friend. As for the sanding problem an old air conditioner motor, a muffin fan and a Jacobs chuck and you can make a long shafted sander. I built one of these to take the place of an osculating sander that I could not afford to purchase. The motor I found at a flea market for 4 dollars and the Jacobs chuck you can get from on line for less than 25. Anyway sanding is the bane of these bowls. They are loads of fun to make and I am glad we have power sanding assists as I would still be sanding them hehe.

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          Looks good from here! That large one is really impressive, so don't be so hard on yourself.

          For ease in sanding the outsides, a vertical belt sander can be a real help, and even a small oscillating sander, like a mouse, can be useful. Just use a light touch to avoid flat spots.

          If it's any consolation, I had to re-finish about 6 bowls from the bowl book before I sent them off to the publisher. They were the earlier ones, and I hadn't realized how easy it is for the shellac to pool up on the base. Over time, I developed a lighter touch. I also found that finishing them upside down was an easier way to do the outside, since it gives you better access to the lower rings and base.

          After each coat of shellac (or any other clear finish) check for sags and other unwanted stuff, and sand those places until they're totally gone, with 240 or 320 grit. If you don't, they'll appear faintly under later coats, when it's too late to do anything.

          And, if all else fails and you need to start over, denatured alcohol will take everything off. Been there, done that--it pays off in the end. (Acetone for lacquer will do the same thing.)

          Let us know how the raffle works out--someone will be very happy.

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            I think they are gorgeous. You did an excellent job.


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              Way to go Oldwildcat, can't see the runs from here, but good for you that you want to make your work better by re sanding, and refinishing. Your making good memories for your grandson, and showing him we all can do better if we care.
              Sweeeeeet job on gluing up the bowls.
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                They look great I love her work and her videos, when you spay always remember less is more and keep a good distance away from what you're spraying you did a great job.Jerry
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