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    Here's my version of the ice cream box. Woods used were butternut for the bowl (at least I was told it was butternut), aromatic cedar for the ice cream and yellowheart for the pineapple. I like strawberry ice cream with pineapple chunks and aromatic cedar is easy to sand and I wanted something easy for the first bowl. It was a lot easier to make than I thought!

    All comments welcome!

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    Can't get much sweeeeeter than that.........looks great Charles. I never saw butternut up close and personal, it sure is a beautiful wood. What cha doing next from Carole's book?
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      Way to go, Charles! I never thought of using cedar for strawberry, or adding pineapple chunks. Now if only we could figure out how to make chocolate syrup!

      The butternut wood for the dish is fantastic. Congratulations on a really successful project! (And I'm glad it was easier than you thought it would be.)

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        Looks really taste to me Charles. An outstanding job Butternut is sure a beautiful wood. Thanks for sharing.
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          Thanks for the compliments!

          Wood Dog, I cut another ice cream box with vanilla icing. That was the icing I sanded my fingernail off with. It's coming along nicely. I've also cut 3 cupcakes with 2 icings, just have to think about what kind of icing I want for the 3rd.

          Thanks Carole. Yes, it was MUCH easier that I thought! Even the cupcakes with the ridges were easier!

          Will post photos of the cupcakes when finished.



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            Nice job, it looks great!

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              Very nice Charles looks good enough to eat


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                Excellent job Charles. Looking forward to your next one.

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                  That is awesome Charles!! Darn it I got side tracked last week and didn't get my book ordered!! I have to get that done!!! Thanks for the motivation!!
                  Cathy in NE

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