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  • A few boxes

    As you may know I was having so much fun making boxes, they caught up to me...I found I had 9 of them setting on the bench ready for the finish to be added. That is allot of finishing to be done at one time...since I add about 6 coats to each box. I finally finished that are most of them...a couple were already sold. I have cut out 5 more, but I am doing the sanding on two and them stop to add the finish. I still need to build a little paint area so they can dry during the day instead of just at night. Hope you like them. A few are my own design.
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    Nice job, Larry. And what are you going to do with your millions now that sales are going so well?

    I find that when I get behind on finishing it's really hard to give each piece the care it needs. Doesn't look like that was your problem, though.

    BTW, which designs were yours? They all look great!

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      They are great little boxes.
      All with the scroll saw?

      It's all fun
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        Thanks Carole, The last box and the big round box are what I designed. When making the center drawer on the round one, I cut the drawer guts out upside down... I glued it all back together, and re-cut it and you can't really tell...just has a thin cut line on the bottom of the drawer that I filled with glue and Koa sawdust.

        Terry, these boxes were cut on the band saw. Most are 4" - 5" thick so can not be cut on the scroll saw because of size. They can be designed to cut on the scroll saw...just make everything much smaller and not as thick. I sell these to high end stores here on the Island, and the buyers seem to like the larger boxes.


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          Very nice work Larry, nicely finished too. Great job.
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            Very nicely done Larry. See what happens when you are having fun? Thanks for sharing them with us.

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              Larry, it looks like you hit another home run on the batch of boxes!!! Are all these Koa, as it is amazing how different the wood changes! I swear, one of these days I am going to swim to the islands and bring a load home - lol!

              I like how your own designs turned out...I knew ya had it in ya! What type of finish are you using, I know you probably said in an earlier post - but I have slept since then!

              Terry, you can still make these with your scroll saw, using the ring method, and maintain the thickness. Just take your time with cutting and check the fit during each time you glue up another ring so that you do not have too much sanding to do or gaps where the drawers are. I usually cut the first 'ring' using a pattern, then trace the next ring in case I veered off the line, then cut the next ring tracing your previous ring (make sure to number each ring and mark the back side...I hope that makes sense.

              Once again, great batch of boxes Larry and congrats on your $ale$!
              ~ Kim

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                Very nice Larry! I like the ones you designed best....




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                  Thanks again Ladies and Gents. Kim I use Minwax Poly with a foam brush. I am not real good at spraying and I like the way the Poly flows onto the wood, but I am always looking for something better..


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                    Beautiful boxes. You did an excellent job.


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