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My version of a book safe

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  • My version of a book safe

    Here is my version of a book safe. The spine is half of a 2" poplar dowel the covers are maple ply and the center is clear pine and the whole thing was stained a colonial maple. The writing on the spine was done using a transfer of laser toner from the pattern to the wood by using xylene to loosen the toner from the paper then gently rubbed onto the spine. The whole thing was then finished with a homemade beeswax paste. The whole thing is about 8" tall and 2" thick by 6" wide.

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    Nicely executed.
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      nice job on the book DW...I like it!

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        Very creative, using the large dowel and transferring the lettering. I never would have thought of doing that. Very elegant and masculine (and I mean that in a good way!).

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          Great project and inspiration DW!!! I never thought of using a dowel...probably be a heck of alot easier than the crazy segmented (laminated) book spines I have been working on!!!!
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            That is incredibly creative and very well done.
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              Nicely done.
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                Love it DW...
                I've got a big old half dowel at my Dad's house that I got from a job clearing out a cabinet shop that did store fixtures.
                I may have to give this a try.
                Great inspiration....

                ...By the way, putting the word secret will more likely make people want to look

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                  Really nice inventive way to complete what is usually a tough project to execute in the usual way.

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                    You did an excellent job.


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                      Sweeeeet one DW, will you be starting a library of your own?
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                        That's beautiful - the grain in the center (which I believe is the pine section) makes it look like pages. What a fine idea, and a wonderful piece! Wow, we really have some VERY creative people here!!!!!!


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                          Wonderful workmanship! Love it.
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