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    I am making a circle jig for making bowls and was wondering if any one else has made or used one. I find with the angle of the table I stll have troble staying on the line. It feels like if I could make my hands a perfect pivot point I could stay on the line better. I also find myself having to remember to keep pushing the wood up the slope otherwise I have side pressure on the blade. So I thought about making one to see if I can cut a better circle.

    Has any made or used one?



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    Brian it takes practice to cut a circular ring at an angle other than 90 degrees. There is a tenancy to push and pull the ring around and force the cut. Take your time and try not to push and pull the cut too much. Cut a bit slower and you should be ok. The problem about a circle jig would be the same issues you had / have cutting it free hand. Practice and take your time is the best advice.

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      I agree with DW's advice. It's worth your while to learn how to control the wood. Try using a circle about 6", of a lightweight wood, like aspen or cedar, which will be easier to control. If your table tilt is left side down, think about pushing up and to the right. That should help keep you from pulling on the blade. Also, if you keep your hands near the blade, you'll have more control over the wood.

      Once you learn to control the wood, you can then do other shapes--square, rectangular, petals, etc., which is part of the fun of making scrolled bowls.

      Don't give up--it's a pretty quick learning curve if you hang in there.

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      • #4 done about 6-8 bowls now this one is the thickest I've done. My first required a lot of sanding due to lousy cutting;-) These bvowls were the first things I made on the scroll saw. I think my saw kind of stinks. Have trouble keeping as much tension on the blade, a bit of slippage in the blade. It was the first ring on this thick bowl that got me thinking about a jig. I'm doing a 13" 1" thick cherry bowl right now. I am going to see how this jig works I should have it done tomorrow.

        Here are a couple that I have done, Of course with a thanks to you Carol.

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          Nice work, Brian. I'd never know you were having problems!

          I think I'd have a hard time handling 1" thick cherry with a 13" bowl--hope you're using some good blades.

          Please post pictures of your results, and also of your jig. Thanks, and good luck!

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            Very nice, I particularly like bowls 2 and 4.
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              Well done .


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