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  • Fretwork box backer/liner

    I want to cut a nice fretwork box for my wife's birthday. I am curious to know how many back the fretwork with a backer on the sides and top or leave it open fretwork. For those of you who back the fretwork - what do you back it with and do you then line it with felt/flocking?

    I know that usage might factor into this decision, but I cannot answer that at this time. I have a nice piece of ambrosia maple that I am going to plane down for this project. Thnaks for you input.

    DG Dewalt 788

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    I guess it would depend on what you or the person that is going to get it wants to put in the box. Lining it with say 1/32 bb ply ( it can be cut with a good pair of scissors like thin cardboard) would give you the ability to color the face so that the fret work would show better. Flocking the project in my opinion gives it a more finished look especially if you are planning it for jewelry. I am looking forward to seeing your box when you are done with it.

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