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  • Cutting Direction

    When I have read instructions on cutting bowls, they say to cut in a particular direction (i.e. counter clockwise). Other than the direction, how does this affect the final product.

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    The easiest way to explain that is to actually try it. However if you put the table in a left side down and you cut your ring so that the blade is cutting the line clockwise you will get a ring that will have a larger diameter on top than it does on the bottom. If you cut the other way it is reversed. Does that make any sense? Try it and you will see what I am trying to explain.

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      When a table is tilted, the direction of the cut determines which side of the wood, top or bottom, will be larger when the piece is cut.

      For bowls, for example, the most common way to cut the rings is with the table tilted left side down, cutting clockwise. This means that the wood is fed in a counterclockwise direction, which makes the blade look like it is moving clockwise.

      If the saw table will only tilt right side down, substituting clockwise for counterclockwise and vice versa will give the same results.

      As DW said, you have to try it to see how it works. It's less complicated than it sounds.

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        Thanks everyone. It does make sense after I start thinking about it.

        Happy new year.


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