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Packing Bowls for Shipment

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  • Packing Bowls for Shipment

    I just sent out some baskets and bowls as Christma presents. When I pack them I put them is a plastic bag. That's right a regular old whilte plasic gargae car liner. The plastic is a natural lubricant that won't wear the finish. Styrofoam and packing can rub the finsh right off a piece during a cross country mailing. I will even place a piece in a plastic bag before gift wrapping it, if it will have a long lourney.


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    I have done the same thing over the years Dave. Then I go one step further by wrapping the piece in thick bubble wrap and taping it tight before placing it in the box with styrofoam. Have not had one damaged yet.


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      great tips guys - thanks!


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        You can ship some my way if you want.


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