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Sanding inside cuts on a chess set

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  • Sanding inside cuts on a chess set

    Hi everyone

    I have just cut out my first chess set and i am strugging to sand the inside cuts on the figures. Does any one have any advice or tricks for me that might make this task easier.


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    What blade are you using. If you are using one of the reverse blade you should have minimal sanding. A mop sander is a good way to get odd shaped pieces sander but for inside cuts... hand sanding is the best solution.

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      I use the MOP sander and those odd sharps are taken care of with it ........
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        ..Could be wrong, but it looks like the only way to get inside some of those cuts is gonna be by hand sanding...i have used cut and folded grit (emory) cloth on some of my finer cuttings...use a quality type cloth and take your time........that set is beautiful. all the bases look reasonably solid....drilling a small 1/4" hole and inserting a dowel in the bottom will allow you to hold the piece )s ) in a small bench vice and it will hold it solidly while sanding without any damage to the project..cut it off when done and apply a felt base ...........


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          I dont have a mop sander. I can see myself buying few few different ones. Thanks for all the replies. I am currently hand sanding these now which is working quite well but taking a very long time. Had i known i would have cut out a few at at time to break up the sanding process. As it stands I have two full sets cut out and the daunting task of sanding them all. I am very pleased with them so far though especially as this is my first set. I have uploaded some images to the link below for everyone that has been asking to see them

          Thanks again


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            I have not tried any mop sanders but i can see myself buying a few of them. I am currently hand sanding two full sets of chess pieces. I wish i had know how long it was going to take as iwould have cut a few and then sanded rather than having the daunting task of having them all to sand in one go.
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              Titch another possibility is using mini sanding belts that fit in the scroll saw if you have the clearance on your saw table.

              I don't find them as great as they first appear and the thin ones (.25") can easily leave a track.

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                I have not seen them before. I like the look of them


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                  I use emory boards. Sometimes I have to cut them in half lenthwise, but if you are using a good blade, all you really need to do is to sand the "fuzzies" off. The Emory board works great for that.
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