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Scrollsaw dovetail joint

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  • Scrollsaw dovetail joint

    Looking through some old scrollsaw magazines I came across a pattern for making a box using the scrollsaw method of dovetail jointing I have studied the enclosed pattern many times but cannot grasp the meaning of split the line and save the line. I hate to have to admit it but I think I must be a bit dim, and concede defeat. Can anyone enlighten me please.

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    Dear Harry,
    First, I removed the pattern because of copyright issues.

    Split the line means cut down the middle of the line, essentially removing the entire line . Save the line means to cut just to the side of the line, so when you are done cutting you'll be able to see the line remaining on the blank (the line has not been cut away).

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor


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      I think they mean..Split the line--- stay exactly on the line. Leave the line--- cut to one side of the line.

      Sorry about that BOB. Looks like we were both typing at the same time. I'm just slower at it...
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        Mike & Bob covered the meaning. I think the purpose of what they are describing is to ensure a really precise, tight fit, which is critical to a good dovetail joint. If you split both lines, removing more material, then the joint would probably be too loose. If you save both lines, then it would probably be too tight.
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          Thanks for removing pattern Bob didn't realise I was doing anything wrong. Also for enlightening me, Bob, Mike, and Bill, everything chrystal clear now.



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            I always cut on the waste side of the line, Old habits die hard.
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