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Follow-up: Plywood Collapsible Baskets

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  • Follow-up: Plywood Collapsible Baskets

    The responses to my question earlier this month encouraged me to cut one of the Longabaughs' patterns. I knew it would be a learning experience and wasn't concerned if the end result was not a keeper. I installed a new FD Polar blade (#9 as recommended by the Longabaughs) and used a decent looking scrap of 3/4" cabinet grade plywood. Using the highest speed on my Dewalt scrollsaw I easily sawed the outer and inner outlines. Everything was going great. About a third of the way through the spiral part of the pattern I realized the cutting rate had slowed and remembered reading what plywood glues do to the sharpness of scrollsaw blades. I should have stopped then and replaced the bade. I didn't but continued to cut the rest of the spiral. That was a mistake. The cutting accuracy for the rest of the spiral was definitely diminished, As it turned out the basket looked OK except there is disfiguring part of a ply that almost looks like cork. In assembly the screw I used split the foot: too small a pilot hole?
    I have some solid wood I will use for my next effort. One question: if replacing a blade in the middle of cutting the spirals would I have to go back to the starting point and bring it to the cutting point with the saw turned on?
    Poor quality picture attached.
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    Harpone, Nice try on the duck basket. When you drill the part of the duck I would use a dril the size of the screw. When drilling the basket I would use a small pilot hole. As far as starting at the starting point with a new blade no you can start where you left off. Lance


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      Thanks for the advice.


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        Nice try Hapone. It had to be we all know


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